Garden Art

The Monte Palace Madeira is home to an impressive collection of art works from various parts of the world dating back as far as the second century A.D.

Characteristically Portuguese stone arches, doorways and windows from the 19th century have been positioned throughout the Garden, forming a contrast with the vegetation and adorning the visitor walkways.

In April 1994 José Berardo acquired two national heritage Manueline pieces, a window and a niche, of inestimable value. One of these pieces had gone unnoticed for four decades in a garden in the Azores (Celorico da Beira) until it was advertised for sale in the local media. The Manueline style as the name itself suggests, dates from the reign of D. Manuel between 1495 and 1521.

Among other works are Statues crafted in Marble from the 18th century, several stone coats of arms dating from the 16th century, bronze statues from the 20th century by artists such as James Butler and a bust of Emperor Adrian in roman marble from the second century A.D.

The visitor may also view four angels sculptured in granite, which represented four of the five senses: smell, sight, hearing and taste.

The environmental and scenic atmosphere created by José Berardo in this mild Madeira climate, has provided visitors with a natural environment for the architecture of gardens and a romantic visit where a variety of styles combined in simplicity and beauty may be appreciated.