Introduction Fauna Flora

The Monte Palace Madeira occupies an area of 70.000 square meters and houses an huge exotic plant’s collection, coming from all over the world, together with swans and duck’s, that populates the central lake, peacocks and chickens, that walk free in the main areas of the property.

Azaleas and Orchids from the Himalayas, Heather from Scotland, Proteceae (“protea” from South Africa) and a rare and singular Cycads collection, are just a few of thousands of species that you can find in the garden.

In the central lake, the visitor may also admire the beauty and majesty of the swans. They prefer the relatively shallow cool water of lakes and ponds as their natural habitat. Despite of being actually admired in gardens all over the world, the black swans originate from Australia, Tasmania and New Zeeland and the wild white swans have their origin in Iceland and Scandinavia.

When walking through the garden, visitors may come across with beautiful peacocks, which where brought over from the Museum / Tropical Garden of Belém (Lisbon), in March 1995, also with their descendents already born here.

In some countries these animals are regarded very highly. In India, for example, they are afforded in a special esteem and protection, either because of religious conventions or practical considerations. The fact they feed on small reptiles, some of them poisonous, is considered a sign of divinity and immortality, since it represents their immunity, and for this reason they often feature as ornaments in Hindu temples.

The peacock also as a fundamental role in the folklore of Vietnam and China, being viewed as a Messenger of peace and prosperity. Throughout Asia the peacock dance symbolises the awakening of Nature and the arrival of the monsoons and for these reasons is related to fertility.

In 2004 where introduced several chicken species, from the local nominated “palheiras” to the very well known Combat Cock from Indonesia. They have procreated and occupied several areas of Monte Palace Madeira.

From time to time the visitor may see the Capped-Heron, a bird of a great stature witch, when perched in the lake, measures about one meter height. It is grey and white and has long orangey – yellow legs.

Large varieties of Koi fishes inhabit the lakes. These friendly and docile fishes come in various sizes and colours and they can live up to 100 years. These particular characteristic owned them a special respect among the oriental population.

Monte Palace Madeira provides plenty of things to see. He is located on the hillside, 600 meters above the Sea, and offer stunning views of the of the Bay of Funchal city and of the Atlantic Ocean.