Mother Nature Secrets

Man has always been deeply fascinated by minerals and they have continued to rouse our interest as we have discovered the treasures hidden in the depths of the earth. The attraction that people feel for minerals is so strong that they have constantly searched for their polished forms since time immemorial. Since then, they have been used as personal adornments in the form of jewels, monarch’s crowns and decorations. Moved by this fascination and by a huge passion for collecting, José Berardo has spent 15 years amassing a magnificent assortment of minerals.

Determined to share yet another passion with the public, he has set up this exhibition, which consists of about 700 mineral specimens, mostly from Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, Zambia, Peru, Argentina and North America.

This exhibition boasts a vast mineral collection that excels in its association of colours, lustre and geometrical forms in a wide variety of sizes, giving the items an extraordinary beauty. There are also some excellent specimens of petrified wood.

Some of the items are displayed in hollows designed to imitate the environment in which the minerals form in the depths of our planet. Others are “suspended” in air, giving the sensation that we are entering a planetary space where rocky masses gravitate freely.

When visiting this exhibition, you should let your imagination flow and discover 'Mother Nature's Secrets'.